Global Peace Initiative Switzerland

Global Peace Initiative Switzerland

Switzerland has a long tradition of peacekeeping and mediation. The Global Peace Initiative in Switzerland builds on this tradition by promoting an innovative approach to peacebuilding based on Vedic consciousness technologies. In doing so, it echoes UNESCO’s guiding principle “Since war originates in the minds of men, peace must also be anchored in the minds of men”.


The Global Peace Initiative Switzerland promotes the use of the scientifically proven methods of consciousness-based peacemaking  as established by Maharishi…


We currently support Pandit groups in India and Nepal with regular contributions. Your donation would go directly to training and maintaining these groups…

About us

The foundation is registered in the canton of Basel and is recognised as a non-profit organisation; donations to the association are deductible from direct taxes…

Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life.

maharishi mahesh yogi